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Become a product manager that understands code

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Learn the technical skills to become a Technical Product Manager

Technical PM will show you how to gain the technical skills a product manager needs to know in todays world, and then how to apply them in a real world setting.

Gain valuable knowledge so you can better manage your teams, and write code in the right situations to help your engineers.

Build Landing Pages & Mockups from Scratch

Learn about different code frameworks

Make your own product management tools

Manage code with Github

Use SQL to gather data

And much more!

Course Syllabus

Technical Product Manager leads you through each lesson with easy to follow guides. All lessons come with downloadable files with all the code and resources needed.

No prior experience needed in coding to take this course. We will cover all the basics and show you the best practices to get you up and running quickly.

We cover topics in an order we think is the best way to learn code for a product manager. Each topic is broken down into easy to learn segments, that will allow you to easily use the knowledge gained in your work environment!

Lesson 1: How to use SQL and data to analyze customer feedback and your product

- Learn about SQL, queries and how to get the data you need

- Write basic SQL queries in a web console

- Learn about how databases store data

- Build out our own small database and write queries to it

- How to use SQL in your daily job routine

Lesson 2: How to build product mockups

- Introduction to HTML, CSS and how to effectively write code

- How to setup project files with HTML, CSS, images and fonts

- Setting up CSS files and linking in your HTML

- Look at your mockups in your browser and inspect

Lesson 3: How to use Github to plan and track projects alongside other tools

- What is Github?

- Why developers use Github and how you can use it too

- Create a Hello World project for your own Github account

- Git & Github

Lesson 4: API's, MVC and Building Applications

- Gain vital knowledge on what API's are and how developers use them

- Dive deep into how applications are constructed in today's development environment

- MVP for MVC!

- Ask your development team these questions about your product and gain knowledge about how your product was built

Lesson 5: Build your own product management tool from scratch

- Use Bootstrap (CSS framework) to create simple and easy product

- Start building using your HTML and CSS knowledge

- Integrate some functionality utilizing Javascript, jQuery and LocalStorage

- Build this tool and use it on the daily!


Luke Duncan

Luke is a software developer with a background in product management currently plying his trade in the agency world after spending all his career working for enterprise and startup technology companies. He is also a Stanford University certified project manager. He has worked with clients such as Sony, Dave and Busters, TEDX and many more. He is passionate about learning and teaching others.

Jack Meredith

Jack is a self-taught Developer and Marketer currently working for an up and coming CPG company based out of San Francisco. He has past experience in sales, growth marketing, design and development. He has worked with clients such as Ticketbud, Sony and Front-Gate Tickets. He enjoys working on side-projects and looks forward to being able to pass a long his skills and tricks to others.

You should take this course...

- if you are looking to make the next step in your product management career and earn more money

- so you can analyze data using SQL and scripts

- if you are a non-technical product manager looking for technical knowledge

- because "70% of product hires will have some form of a technical background"

- if you want to gain a foundation on development including things like HTML, CSS and Javascript

- so you can build your own product management tools

- if you want to combine your skills in Product Management and apply them to code

- if you want to talk to your engineers at an increased technical level

- so you can have code snippets that are available to you for life

- so that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on other online courses